Your Foot Clinic in Downtown Toronto Supplies Summer Tennis Tips for Foot Health

Our foot clinic in downtown Toronto is always ready with warm weather advice for foot health when it comes to outdoor sports and activities.

Some of the activities you might participate in like tennis can present challenges because of the types of movements they require.

Health and Conditioning

The best possible foot health and proper conditioning are important. Conditioning for this sport requires joint stability, leg strength and flexibility. Wearing the proper footwear that protects your feed is also critical.

Here’s an overview of some of the movements that can cause issues and what you can do about them.

There are several different movements in tennis that put a lot of stress on your feet and can cause soft tissue damage.

  • Strong impact activities like extending and lunging put a lot of pressure on the heel and forefoot. That can cause the potential for muscle strains and different types of foot trauma.
  • Strains and sprains can be caused by crossover steps and sideways sprints.
  • Hops and short jumps can even cause bruising and stress fractures as well as blistering.

Your foot clinic in downtown Toronto also points out that the surface you play on can dictate the amount of stress on your feet. Clay and grass tend to yield more so they’re much easier on your limbs. Harder surfaces like public courts put more stress on your legs and feet.

Choosing The Right Tennis Footwear

Choosing shoes that have good ankle support is important if you’ve twisted or sprain your ankle in the past. You’ll also need to pick the footwear for tennis that’s appropriate to the kind of surface you’re playing on.

Popular Surface

For example, one of the most popular surfaces is the hardcourt. This is also the most demanding on any outsole. When you’re choosing a pair of shoes, look for a modified herringbone pattern. These provide an excellent blend of give and grip while you are on the court.

Padded Socks

Our foot clinic in downtown Toronto also likes to suggest padded socks. These have a well-defined toe and heel so they fit properly. They also have a cushioned sole that’s usually made of terry fabric. Always choose padded socks that are made for the specific activity you want. Look for ones that are made of acrylic blend or acrylic fibres.

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