Your Downtown Toronto Foot Specialist Discusses Stretching for Healthy Feet

We are the downtown Toronto foot specialist that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the health of your feet. We are here to treat any problems you already have and help you be proactive and head off any issues before they start.

That’s why we’ve dedicated a blog to the benefits of stretching and keeping your feet healthy.

If you stop for a minute to consider what you put your feet through on a daily basis, you’ll see how taking the time to look after them makes sense. People know that stretching can help them feel better in a number of different ways. However, most don’t know the benefits of this exercise to foot health.

Here’s an interesting statistic from your downtown Toronto foot specialist. We will bet you didn’t know that the average person uses their feet so much they walk around the world roughly 6 times in one lifetime. If you are a runner, it is more than that!

Specific benefits of stretching include making sure the muscles are flexible and allowing for a good range of motion in our joints. If we don’t stretch on a regular basis, our muscles can actually tighten up and shorten and that can spell trouble. Stretching also helps muscles recover after exercise.

There are some major muscle groups in the hips, calves, feet and back as well as your neck and shoulder you need to concentrate on.

Some Suggested Exercises from Your Downtown Toronto Foot Specialist

There are certain exercises that get the job done and keep you limber. These include heel and calf stretches as well as toe curls. There’s also some specific yoga poses that you can find useful.

We are always on the lookout for ways to be proactive and help you avoid any issues with your feet. Chris Hastings has performed a number of different services as a Toronto podiatrist that include consulting institutions and provincial hospitals. His dedication and commitment has also drawn him to be a community leader. Laura Desjardins is a competitive runner and is well aware of foot and lower limb injuries and has taken extra learning in sports medicine continuing education.

Finally, here are a few other suggestions for getting the most from stretching exercises.

If something starts to hurt, you should stop immediately. Contrary to popular belief, being in pain means that you are pushing too much. You get the best results if you hold the stretches that you choose for about 30 seconds. Studies also show even more benefit with “PNF” stretching. This is where you stretch, then contract and stretch again. Our specialist Laura Desjardins stays frequent in sports medicine literature and can show you how to do this. Breathing deeply and relaxing is another way to get the most from these exercises. As your downtown Toronto foot specialists, we are always interested in helping you.

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