Why Women Should Take Advice from This Downtown Toronto Foot Doctor

Today’s woman needs to move from place to place on her feet like never before. That’s why we thought some advice from a downtown Toronto foot doctor would do just nicely. Your feet are important to you and they’re important to Chris Hastings and his associate too! They know feet are remarkable things and each one of those tootsies has 26 bones in and a total of 33 joints.

That’s not even counting the muscles and all the tendons that go into overdrive every time you start walking. Your feet aren’t just about moving around from point A to point B either. They help to balance and support your body while acting as shock absorbers to withstand the daily pressures of walking. Long story short, you need to take care of them. Chris Hastings is always on the ball when it comes to your feet.

That’s why he put together some tips. They demonstrate why women should take advice from this downtown Toronto foot doctor.

  • First things first as they say. That’s why our very first tip is about keeping your feet clean. It goes without saying that you should do that and we suggest washing them every single day. Here’s a little tip you might not have heard yet — you should make sure your tootsies are dry before you put on socks or your shoes.
  • Because Chris Hastings is a downtown Toronto foot doctor who has years of experience, he knows every detail matters when it comes to looking after these important parts of your body. That’s why he suggests that you cut your toenails straight over the top and don’t try and dig down at the sides or edges.
  • If you have any kind of medical condition like diabetes, you need to take as much time looking after your feet as you do watching your blood sugar levels. Checking your feet daily to look for any kind of small injuries is a must for people with this type of affliction. Diabetic neuropathy is all about losing sensation in those limbs and it starts with injuries that you don’t stay on top of.

Why The Right Shoes Matter

Simply put, you should choose shoes for the overall health of your feet and not necessarily the aesthetics. Heels might look good, but very often they are quite damaging. Finally, here’s the last piece of advice from your downtown Toronto foot doctor. Changing your shoes every single day makes a difference because it generally takes the whole day to dry them out after you’ve worn them all day long.

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