Why You Need Good Orthotics

Your feet need to last you a lifetime and that’s the big reason you need good orthotics. Of course, when you come into our foot clinic downtown, we’ll explain it and show you in better detail. One of the first things we tell her patients is hip, knee and ankle and foot biomechanics can be complicated.

It’s best if you stay away from those corrective shoe inserts that you can find at the local mall. No two sets of feet are exactly alike. That’s why the orthotics that we custom design for you are the end result of a professional process.

What They Are

In a nutshell, orthotics are special shoes and custom-made inserts that we design for you. Although they are usually designed to be worn on your feet, they can treat a variety of other issues. Some of our patients come to us complaining of back, leg and, of course, foot problems. Many of these situations can be helped with the right orthotics.

Why You Need Them

These inserts can help with a variety of issues that include:

  • Arthritis. There are two different types that orthotics can help correct Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis can he helped with these treatments.
  • Back Pain. There’s even some evidence that back pain can be lessened.
  • Diabetes. People who suffer from diabetes also often have neuropathy. This is part of a condition where they can lose sensation in their feet. Proper fitting custom made shoes can help reduce any stress so they don’t injure themselves.
  • High arches are another condition that can benefit from the right orthotics. Muscles can be stressed in the feet with high arches and that can lead to conditions like knee pain and shin splints.
  • People who have been injured playing sports or in other types of accidents can use extra support.

Big Benefits of Custom Orthotics

The idea behind these accessories is to give your foot a little extra support. The right kind of custom product can add to what the ligaments and tendons in your foot are already doing. Well-designed orthotics give your feet support exactly where you need it.

That means that you get the kind of relief from pain many patients are looking for. These specialized products can also help prevent foot ulcers and injury.

Our foot clinic in downtown Toronto can help you get the information you need about orthotics and other treatments.

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