Why Physiotherapy in Toronto Makes A Big Difference

Physiotherapy in Toronto is an excellent way to treat different injuries to the foot and ankle. We look after each patient’s concern by listening to their story, taking a long look at their medical history and then doing a thorough examination on their feet. That includes the structural integrity as well as the nervous system and the circulation.

The physiotherapy techniques we use employ different methods. The goal is always to promote healing, while improving mobility and alleviating pain. Overuse or injury as well as several other conditions can cause inflammation injuries to several different areas of the foot.

Some Kind of Foot Issue

Research tells us that almost 75% of Canadians will experience some kind of foot problem of varying degrees. Physiotherapists play a central role in management of any type of foot pain. The professional evaluation that we start the process off with includes an assessment of joint mobility as well as strength and a postural appraisal. Being thorough means that we also look after a gait analysis.

Physiotherapy uses a variety of different techniques including corrective exercises and manual therapies. The evidence-based approaches that we use are designed to return you to preinjury level status in a safe and effective way.

Common Issues Physiotherapy in Toronto Treats

Getting the right treatment for any type of foot injury means understanding the problem. Some of the common causes of foot pain and injury include :

  • Heel Spurs. These are calcium deposits that build up on the heel of the foot over time. They can be caused by arthritis or over pronation as well as repetitive activities.
  • Plantar fasciitis. This is an issue caused by inflammation. It’s considered a degenerative disorder meaning the thick band of tissue that connects your heel to the front of your foot gets injured.

There are many other issues that can be treated with physiotherapy including stress fractures and bursitis. Our downtown Toronto foot clinic is pleased to offer a variety of different foot care services whether your problems are minor or complicated. You can learn more about the physiotherapy in Toronto we supply by getting in touch.  Remember, if you have a symptom that concerns you, it’s a priority for us. We want to make your life more comfortable. Booking an appointment is as easy as calling us or clicking on the convenient tab on our website.

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