Wear Sandals This Summer Without Sacrificing Style

Supportive summer footwear isn’t always easy to find. From flip flops to ballet flats to strappy heels, summer shoes generally aren’t made for walking long distances — they lack support and comfort, and are designed with the heat in mind rather than the needs of the foot. Because of this, oftentimes our clients find themselves sacrificing comfort for style.


With that in mind, our downtown Toronto podiatry clinic has developed a way to help you find your footing this summer, without forcing you to choose summer shoes that you don’t like. We’re now offering custom orthotics for sandals with a removable footbed that can be swapped into your other flat pairs of summer shoes as well.


Podiatrist Chris Hastings will ship your sandals and foot cast from our downtown Toronto foot clinic to our custom orthotic specialist. From there, our specialist will match your removable orthotic to the colour of your sandal so that you can still look stylish, but be comfortable at the same time.


So, bring out your best, and most fashionable summer sandals and have them fitted with a custom orthotic that will not only allow you to look great this summer, but also feel comfortable all day long as well.


Contact us for more information or to book your appointment today.

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