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Warts are a virus, verruca, that occurs in the skin. It is transmitted by touch, spread through direct contact with surfaces contaminated by the virus. These surfaces can include, pools, public showers, gyms, yoga studios or nail salons. Warts are caused by an infection known as the human papillomavirus (HPV). There are more than 100 strains of HPV that can develop in different areas of the body. Our laser wart treatment in Toronto can help.

How do I treat warts?

Warts usually go away on their own once the body fights the infection; however, it can take months to years for the wart to go away. These lesions can become painful and bothersome, leading people to seek treatment.Some common treatments for warts include over the counter salicylic acid, cyrotherapy and occlusion( some people use duct tape.) Sometimes the over the counter treatments do not eradicate the virus, causing people to seek out professional care.

Wart Treatments We Provide

Conservative Treatment Options, Requiring Multiple Treatments

Salicylic acid

This topical treatment is often used on warts. The medication will need to be applied regularly for months to burn through the layers of the skin, to penetrate the virus. For those suitable, we use higher percentages of salicylic acid. Best results are found when this is combined with regular podiatry or chiropody treatments to remove the callous encapsulating the virus.


Cantharidin is a substance derived from the blister beetle Cantharis vesicatoria. This is known as Spanish Fly. In the 1950’s it was used in the US and other westernised countries to treat warts. Cantharidin is a vesicant that causes a blister to form on the wart or growth. This action lifts the wart away from the skin. It requires multiple sessions spanning over 3-4 months. The blister can be sore and depending on tolerance, the amount of time the treatment is left on can vary from person to person.

Surgical Wart Treatment Options

Surgical Excision

Simple surgical excision with a scalpel or curette can be performed to remove warts. Sometimes other measures to burn the wart off can be used in combination with this treatment.Needling: Needling is done in conjunction with a local anesthetic where the virus is punctured multiple times to stimulate an immune response against the virus.Electrosurgery and Curettage: Electrosurgery (burning) is a good treatment for common warts, filiform warts, and foot warts. Curettage involves scraping off (curetting) the wart with a sharp knife or small, spoon-shaped tool. These two procedures often are used together.

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