Our Toronto Foot Clinic tells you about winter boots.

Choosing the right winter boot is an important part of being a Canadian. Not only do we want to look after your feet when there’s a problem, we also want to make sure you keep them warm and comfortable when the temperature drops. Here’s a few boxes to check when you’re choosing a winter boot.


They Need To Resist the Elements

As you might have already guessed, there is no point in selecting a pair of winter boots that don’t keep you warm in the snow and ice. The upper material on any boot needs to be water resistant. It’s a good practice to look for what’s called a cuff as well.

This is the lining that sits at the top of the boot to prevent snow and ice from getting inside. On the other hand, what’s known as a gaitor consists of tubes that extend upwards and you can tighten them to complete a seal.

These can be bought separately, but they are quite often included in the boot you buy at the store.



It’s critical to make sure you don’t slip and slide and maybe even fall during a Canadian winter. Safety and stability starts with the boots around your feet. Another feature you need to look for are the lugs on the outsole of the boot. These are the bumps and channels that give you traction on the snow and ice.

One of the most common materials used here is rubber. The more expensive boots have outsoles that can actually be transitioned out and changed over time. Some of these outsoles have other materials mixed in with the rubber like carbon. This makes them more durable for the Canadian winter.


Toronto foot clinic ankle support

Our Toronto foot clinic is also big on making sure you get the right kind of ankle support from any winter boots that you decide on. Your ankles might not be used to carrying the weight of the boot. Remember, just because they have high sides doesn’t mean they have the ankle support you’ll need.

It’s important to find a pair with padded sides to supply the support otherwise missing. Selecting boots that have laces that go all the way to the top provides the kind of stable structure you’ll need while you’re slogging through heavy January snow.

For excellent foot care, please consider our gait correction with Orthotics in downtown Toronto to go with your new winter boots.

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