Tips from your Downtown Toronto Running Clinic on Setting Realistic Running Goals

Our Downtown Toronto running clinic encourages people to test their physical endurance and mental capacities by running. Setting goals is important regardless of whether you’re a professional runner or someone just starting out. These tips will help you set realistic goals so you can challenge yourself without feeling overwhelmed.

  • If you’re starting out, it’s important to make sure to set goals that you can achieve. Being realistic means starting out slow. Depending on your age, a 30-minute walk might be all you need. Or, you can jog for 20 or 30 seconds then walk for 60 seconds. The idea here is to increase the time you run and decrease the amount of time you walk.
  • Being consistent can help you establish a good routine and avoid injuries at the same time. Keep in mind our downtown Toronto running clinic has an expert staff that can look after you and your general foot health.
  • Realistic running goals will help you to avoid injuries in the long run. Many people want to compete in an Ironman competition or even win some kind of world championship. Unfortunately, most of them don’t understand how much training and sacrifice are involved to reach that kind of goal. Even if you are a professional runner you should start out small with around a 5K run before moving up to 10K. It’s a process to build your strength.
  • Tracking your progress is essential. There are a variety of excellent apps that you can use. Some of the best will sync right up to your smart watch and track everything from the distance covered to your heart rate and even cadence.
  • Shaping your goals for running around your schedule will make them easier to achieve. Fitting your schedule around your goals doesn’t always work out. In fact, that quite often backfires when runners try this method. Map out your existing commitments first and that will give you an idea how much time you can dedicate to running.

BackinStride is the downtown Toronto running clinic that looks after all of your concerns. We listen to each personal story, review your medical history, and then examine your feet. Our approach is thorough and compassionate. If there is a symptom that is a concern to you, we take it on as our responsibility. Why not book an appointment today?

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