Three tips for choosing a Toronto podiatrist

Your feet help to keep you in motion and that’s why you should be aware of all the different things you can do to keep this essential part of your body in the best shape. Remember there are over 300 different foot issues that can come up, and that’s why a Toronto podiatrist is your best bet to keep your feet in good health.

Here’s a few things that you should be looking for to help narrow down your choices and get the foot doctor who can help.

  • They Should Understand Disease: It’s important to find a Toronto podiatrist who understands how diseases that might not seem to have anything to do with your feet can actually create a large problem for them. For example, diabetes affects many different parts of the body and people often suffer from diabetic neuropathy where their feet can develop sores that can become infected and hard to manage over time. If you suffer from this common ailment, it’s important to find a foot doctor who educates his patients properly and helps them in areas like finding the right shoes. Left untreated, this kind of neuropathy can result in amputations that could otherwise be avoided with the right kind of care.
  • A podiatrist should understand the importance of Orthotics. A good podiatrist knows how to look after different kinds of foot problems before they become bigger issues. For example, they understand how common foot ailments like plantar fasciitis can be treated with the right shoe inserts and how to correct abnormal gates and other foot problems seen in children.

When you consider that your feet are designed to last you a lifetime, it’s easy to see why selecting the right Toronto podiatrist is so important. Consider the fact that your tootsies have over 100 tendons, 26 bones and 33 joints and the need to have a good foot doctor on your side becomes even clearer.

Gait Correction with Orthotics

Walking with an abnormal gait can cause you some issues over time. There are a variety of different foot problems we can all suffer from and from walking pigeon toed to suffering from athlete’s foot are common ailments. Heel spurs and even neuromas are other  frequent problems a wide swath of the Canadian population suffers from and the solution is as simple as getting the right gait correction with orthotics.

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