Surgical Correction Of Deformed Toes And Joints

Sometimes, the right option is the surgical correction of deformed toes and joints and Chris Hastings is the perfect choice when you need this kind of professional help for several very good reasons.

He has the experience to correct the deformities that are interfering with your lifestyle. He is dedicated to making each and every one of his clients comfortable and his credentials include being the past president of the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association.

He understands how a variety of foot deformities can start with something as simple as ill fitting shoes, arthritis or even unequal pressure on the tendons in your foot. After a proper diagnosis, Hastings can perform the surgery to alleviate pain and allow for greater mobility.

We are the downtown Toronto source for all of your pediatric needs and Chris is especially dedicated to alleviating any foot pain so you can get back to your routines and active lifestyle.

Dedicated Surgical Correction Of Deformed Toes And Joints

If you’re having difficulty walking because of bunions or a hammertoe, Chris Hastings can help you. He can also diagnose and treat the corresponding ingrown toenails that can result from these conditions. Booking an appointment with his downtown Toronto clinic is as easy as filling out the convenient online form. You can also call and email him.Booking an appointment and visiting his clinic will help him to diagnose your condition and tell you how different factors like shoe choices, activity level and weight can be contributing factors.

Visible Signs

Getting the right information is the first step so booking a consultation to see if surgical correction of deformed toes and joints is necessary and important.Getting in touch with us to look at surgical correction of deformed toes and joints is the best way to stay ahead of any larger mobility issues from developing.

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