Summer shoes and your feet

Summer is here and it’s the time of year when the weather is nice and you’re putting a little extra wear and tear on your feet. Putting your best foot forward when the thermostat climbs is about picking the right summer shoes.  Here’s some friendly advice from Chris Hastings at Podiatry on Yonge.

If you are like most people, you’re excited about getting your summer footwear out. For many of us that includes a new pair of sandals. However, those good-looking new summer shoes come with a possible liability. Because the open skin on your feet can rub up against the sides of these stiff new shoes, you can develop painful blisters.

The answer to avoiding this drag on your summer fun is simpler than you might have imagined. Buying a pair of shoes that are comfortable and don’t need to be worked in can save you from suffering those ballooning sores on your feet.


Sandal Design

Picking the right kind of summer shoe is about knowing what to look for. As people become more and more health conscious, they include their feet as a primary health concern. The people who make sandals are paying attention too and they have made a variety of new choices with good footbeds so there’s extra support for your arches.

Arch support and shock absorbing qualities are two of the other things that everyone should be looking for in their favourite pair of summer sandals. Deep heel cups are another feature that can help you improve your foot health during the warmer weather.

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