Do You Suffer from Unstable Ankles?

Chronic ankle instability is one of the most common ankle issues we see at our downtown Toronto foot clinic. It is characterized by a recurring “giving away” of the ankle, or sudden rolling of the ankle when walking, running, hiking, and sometimes when even just standing. Those who suffer from ankle instability also complain of chronic swelling or discomfort, pain, and a “wobbly” or weak feeling in their ankles.


Unstable ankles are commonly seen in athletes and active people who have sprained or injured their ankles in the past, and haven’t had the opportunity to heal properly or fully rehabilitate. When this happens, the ligaments in the ankle are stretched or torn, making the ankle more susceptible to further sprains, rolls, or tearing. These repeated strains lead to chronic ankle instability.

At our Toronto foot clinic, we diagnose unstable ankles by understanding a thorough history of our patients’ ankle problems, examining the foot and ankle for pain, tenderness and swelling, and conducting stress tests on the ligaments to determine where and how severe the ankle instability is. In some instances we will x-ray the ankle to determine severity and to check for abnormalities such as arthritis.


If you suspect you have unstable ankles, contact us today for an examination and diagnosis. With the proper treatment, you’ll be able to avoid further damage to your ankles, and will be able to safely take part in the activities you enjoy doing.

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