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Proactive measures are another one of the services that are offered here at our downtown Toronto podiatry clinic. Corns and callouses can develop on your feet and cause a painful situation especially when you’re not wearing the right kind of properly fitting shoes.

Staying ahead of any potential issues is about smoothing these corns and callouses professionally. This is just as important as treating them once a problem has developed. Remember, we are the downtown Toronto podiatry practice that can handle either circumstance.

Chris Hastings has practiced as a podiatrist in Toronto as well as Barrie and Muskoka. Because he has been able to work in a variety of different locations, he has the ability to diagnose many different issues and help his clients with the management of a variety of common situations.

Downtown Toronto Treatment For Smoothing Corns And Callouses

He is also a community leader who has served with many different charities and sponsored events for the public good. As well as being able to help you with your corns and callouses, Chris can also suggest the best kind of shoes to wear to alleviate any potential issues.He knows that having an active lifestyle means your feet need to be looked after and cared for. Chris understands how these abnormalities can get in the way of your full enjoyment of the things you like to do.

Your Downtown Toronto Podiatrist Specialist

Chris is an expert at finding those circumstances that can either irritate existing corns or callouses or help new ones to develop. For example, by coming in to see him for an appointment he’ll be able to determine if any points on your existing shoes rub against your feet to make this problem worse. Relieving the pressure on your feet with some simple procedures that he can suggest will help the situation to right itself quickly.It’s never a good idea to play doctor by yourself when it comes to treating corns and callouses. Stay away from any sharp knives or instruments and never try to remove one of these abrasions by yourself. Getting the right help is only a matter of getting in touch with Chris Hastings at his downtown Toronto podiatry practice. He has the experience and compassion to help by smoothing corns and callouses that are interfering with your lifestyle.His proactive approach helps to head off any larger problems before they become a lifestyle altering issue.

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