Running Clinic Toronto

InStride is a comprehensive running clinic in Toronto that is the first choice if you’re looking for efficient compassionate physiotherapists, podiatrist and chiropodists. Read on to find out more about how we can improve your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your muscles to improve your quality of life.

Running Orthotics

Deciding on custom orthotics for running is an excellent choice for several reasons. Running orthotics are an excellent way to prevent injuries and fend off shin splints and other issues.

The Custom-made ones we supply are custom fitted to your footwear.

Running Physio

InStride is the running clinic in Toronto that takes great pride in personally assessing your situation. We start by listening to your story, taking a good look at your medical history and examining your feet.

Let our Running Physio staff supply you with a personalized physiotherapy treatment program that will help you reach your goals.

Running Podiatrist

We are proud of the experience podiatrists we have on staff who can address your foot and ankle running related issues. Remember, if you have any symptoms that concern you, it’s a concern for us too.

We can treat a variety of different running injuries including tendinitis and stress fractures as well as the more common plantar fasciitis.

If you’re suffering from chronic foot pain after running you should come in and see us. A running podiatrist can diagnose the kinds of foot injuries that could lead to much more severe issues if they are not looked after. 

Running Chiropractor

InStride understands how important it is to work with the running chiropractor who can monitor their progress as they recover from an injury and make necessary adjustments.

Our experts start any treatment session off by conducting assessments that can pinpoint any structural or biomedical issues. Seeing one of our specialists on a regular basis can also prevent injuries. Excellent performance is always the goal for runners and other athletically minded people.

Our running clinic in Toronto provides the kind of specialized treatment runners need. Working with us means you’ll get education on important topics like running posture and form as well as performance enhancement tips.

Of course our rehabilitation programs are industry leading and include therapies like stretches and exercises that promote recovery and healing. Booking an appointment is as easy as clicking on the tab on our website or calling us. We are looking forward to enhancing your running experience.

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