The Right Shoes for Your Body

Getting the right shoes for your body type can prevent problems down the road. Your shoes support your body and finding a sensible pair has a positive or negative effect on your entire body. In the end there’s a lot more than just how your footwear looks.

Here’s a few thoughts on getting the right shoe for your body.


What to Avoid

Any shoes that change the alignment of your body should be avoided and these include high heels. If you wear these shoes regularly your Achilles tendon can tighten and shorten over time. That can even make wearing flat shoes painful.

High heels put pressure on the feet which can lead to calluses and other kinds of foot problems.



What to Pick

The best shoes are supportive.  Flat flip-flops in particular might be the choice for a hot summer day but they provide little support. Wearing shoes that don’t provide any or little of this necessary function for your feet can lead to Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis. Thong-type flip flops can also be responsible for hammertoe since toes fight to hold the foot inside the shoe with this choice.



The right shoes for your body is about more than just the kind you wear. Toronto podiatrist Chris Hastings also suggests that you alternate your footwear on a daily basis. Rotating your shoes around like this prevents the kind of abuse on muscles and joints that can lead to foot problems.

He also suggests that wherever possible you avoid wearing the same shoes for several days in a row. Matching your shoes with the occasion is also important. For example, wearing sneakers is a good idea when you know you be standing for long periods of time.

Chris Hastings provides a variety of podiatry services at his downtown Toronto clinic. You can book an appointment through the convenient online tab on his website.

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