Proactive Toronto Diabetic Foot Care Tips You Can’t Miss

Being proactive is one of the cornerstones of our clinic. We like to offer not only the best treatments but valuable information when it comes to issues that affect many people who need
Toronto diabetic foot care.

We feel it’s important that everybody who has diabetes understands that foot problems can lead to larger more complicated issues. Understanding the basics about how this disease can affect your feet and implementing some simple Toronto diabetic foot care practises is invaluable.


Bigger Issue

It’s important that people who suffer from diabetes understand they are less likely than other folks to feel an injury to their feet. If left unattended, even a minor problem can become a bigger issue.

Being proactive is the first step in the right direction. Get into the routine of washing your feet in lukewarm water daily. It’s important that you don’t let them soak for too long as this can actually dry the skin.


Drying your Feet

Drying your feet needs to be a methodical and careful practice. Don’t forget to get in between your toes. We suggest that as a fundamental to your Toronto diabetic foot care regime because you want to be looking in between all of your toes for any bruising or cuts or cracks that could develop into bigger issues. Even blisters or ingrown toenails can cause problems.

If you’ve got a hand mirror, this makes it much easier for you to take a good look at the bottom of your feet for any other types of developing situations.

Even trimming your toenails needs to be considered carefully when you suffer from diabetes. They need to be cut straight across and it’s important to file down any edges. Cutting them too short can invite ingrown toenails that can be the beginning of problems.


An Initial Visit

If you suffer from diabetes, we’d like to have you come into our clinic for an initial visit. After some initial administrative work, Chris Hastings will meet with you to get a general medical overview that includes any past surgeries and current medications that you’re taking. Afterwards, you’ll get a complete examination that includes a series of neurological tests and then some others that are designed to test musculo skeletal range and strength.

Making sure that you understand all the options available to you is our priority. We offer outstanding and professional Toronto diabetic foot care services to our valued clients.

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