Orthotics for Skates and Ski Boots Now Available

Although this winter has been a bit on the warmer side, we’re finally seeing some colder weather, and yes, snow and ice too. This is exciting for anyone who loves a winter wonderland, but is particularly good news for skiers, snowboarders, and ice skaters.


For skiers and snowboarders, there’s no greater feeling than shredding through fresh powder. On the other hand, there can also be a no more painful feeling than cramming your feet into tight, stiff boots. Anyone who has spent a day out on the slopes knows that getting your boots off when you’re done provides some much needed relief.


In the past 5 to 10 years, ski and snowboard boots have come a long, long way technically and comfort-wise. Many boot companies have made their boots with the foot’s anatomy in mind, providing greater fit, circulation, and in turn, greater performance on the hill. Some boot companies even offer heat mould technology that enables professional boot fitters to create a fit specific to a skier or snowboarder’s foot. While these technologies can certainly help avert painful feet from ski and snowboard boots, sometimes they aren’t enough for those who already have issues with their feet.


The same goes for ice skates. With hockey season in full-swing and with many outdoor rinks now opening, avid skaters are feeling the joy of speeding on the ice — but also the hurt skates can cause when worn for too long.


This is where Toronto podiatrist Chris Hastings comes in. His foot clinic is offering custom orthotics for ski and snowboard boots and ice skates. Patients can bring in their boots or skates so the profile can be sent to the lab for  customer orthodics. As such, clients can ski and skate easily and comfortably, knowing their boots are fit to their specific foot structure, and won’t have to rest mid-day in the chalet or on the ice rink sidelines while they give their feet a breather. Custom orthotics can also help improve performance — less pain means more gain! — so that clients can skate and ski faster, turn and stop better, and have a more enjoyable day.


Contact Toronto podiatrist Chris Hastings today to get your custom orthotics for your boots or skates.

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