Custom Foot Orthotics Toronto

Sometimes an active lifestyle that serves you well in your earlier years can cause foot pain later on in life. There are even alignment issues that can cause foot pain and that’s another set of concerns that Laura Desjardins treat in her downtown Toronto Foot clinic.

Laura Desjardins is a chiropodist who has a lot of experience with running orthotics, as she is a runner and familiar with the specifics of running and foot conditions. She also has experience with sports medicine and rehabilitation.

Chris Hastings has the experience that you’re looking for when you need to find a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine in downtown Toronto that understands the best ways to implement gait correction with orthotics.

Laura has served as a consultant and as a practitioner of custom foot orthotics at her private foot clinic. Finding the right orthotics that meet your situation means starting out with the right diagnosis.

Custom Foot Orthotics In Downtown Toronto

Laura Desjardins, chiropodist, is available to help her patients with the right orthotics which is basically about fitting the device to align the ankle and foot to the correct position. One of the first steps is to find out what exactly is abnormal about the way you walk.It’s important to minimize any of these abnormal movements and the stresses they create on other parts of your body. Laura is experienced  at getting an accurate picture of how your feet work together and where these adjustments need to be made by supplying orthotics. Gait assessment and a biomechanical evaluation is important to figure out what deficits are causing these abnormal foot mechanics. Keep in mind that walking pattern is called your gait. Then, read about one of the top reasons for abnormalities that can be treated at our downtown Toronto podiatry clinic and downtown physiotherapy clinic. 

Arthritis In The Foot

This ailment is all too common as people age and one that Laura Desjardins and Chris Hastings sees on a regular basis. The joint inflammation and damage from arthritis quite often results in an abnormal walk but given proper gait correction and corresponding orthotics, the situation can be controlled.General wear and tear on your foot at the joints is often the natural result of the aging process. Infection or even a broken bone can be other culprits.Laura  has the formal education as well as experience in private practice to be able to look after each and every one of the issues that can affect the way you walk. Treating foot pain with custom foot orthotics is the method she uses after carefully assessing the condition.

Downtown Toronto Custom Foot Orthotics: For A Confident Stride

Getting in touch a Downtown Toronto Foot and Podiatry clinic near you clinic is as easy as filling out the contact form on his webpage. That will start you on the journey toward a more confident and pain-free stride in your step.

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