When you need surgical correction of deformed toes and joints

Deformed toes and joints can become a problem if left untreated. There are a variety of issues that we can help you with in this area. The first step is always educating the patient so they have a full understanding of the symptoms causes, and remedies of conditions like hammer toe.

This situation can make a toe red and swollen. In some situations they can even become bottled or crooked. Like most of the other deformities that can affect your toes and joints, hammer toe has some specific causes and these include:

  • A traumatic toe injury of some sort. There are many different kinds of injuries that you can sustain here that will require our expertise. A sprain or complete disruption of the ligaments is common. The important thing is you don’t underestimate any type of damage.
  • Shoes that don’t fit. The need for surgical correction of deformed toes and joints can happen when people wear shoes that don’t fit, especially when they are too tight in the toes and crowd that important part of your foot.
  • Undo pressure from a bunion can also cause a situation where you’ll need surgery to correct hammer  toe.

Of course when you are considering surgical correction of deformed toes and joints you want to be sure to find a podiatrist who you will feel comfortable with. There are several different factors to consider including some that you might not have thought of before.



For example, the location of the doctor’s office is important. You’ll want it to be close enough to your house so that you can get back and forth freely before and after your surgery, whether you have someone to drive you or need to take another form of transportation.

If you’ve had other foot issues in the past, finding a podiatrist’s office where you don’t need to negotiate a flight of stairs might be the best bet. Deciding on a podiatrist with a good bedside manner will help you to get the personalized care that you’re looking for.

When you consider that some diseases like arthritis can cause hammer toe, you can quickly see why your podiatrist needs to have experience. Being able to accurately diagnose the issue before moving ahead to the surgical correction of deformed toes and joints is essential.

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