What You Need to Know About Pediatric Flat Feet and to Find Toronto Flat Foot Treatment

Chronic foot or ankle pain in children and adolescents is not, as many parents mistakenly believe, simply a result of “growing pains.” The idea of growing pains is a myth that has prevailed despite podiatrists finding little evidence to suggest that foot pain in children is normal. Fortunately, in many cases, doctors can accurately diagnose the problem and treat it quickly.

Though adolescence can come with an array of unique physical ailments, if your son or daughter is experiencing distressing symptoms related to foot pain, it should be evaluated by a medical professional. Pain in the feet and ankles can be related to a variety of different conditions, including pediatric flat foot, Plantar’s warts, and Sever’s disease. Toronto flat foot treatment may be required for children with flat feet.


Can Children Really Have Flat Feet?

Yes! Flat foot is a syndrome that can affect people of all ages, and despite its unpleasant reputation, it is actually a very common diagnosis. It is one of the most common diagnoses for children with foot or ankle pain. However, not all sufferers experience chronic symptoms. Sometimes their pain may be infrequent or localized in the feet, legs, or knees.

Kids love to run around, burn off energy, and participate in athletics. Recent studies have emphasized the importance of fitness in young children due to a widespread obesity problem in Canada. If localized pain is affecting your child’s ability to participate in sports, run around the playground, or walk home from school, talk to your local doctor. Podiatrists are well equipped to provide Toronto flat foot treatment and get your little one back to their wild and rambunctious self again.


Does My Child Have Flat Feet?

In many cases, children with pediatric flat foot do not actually have constant pain in their feet, ankles, and legs. This can be problematic for doctors trying to make an accurate diagnosis. However, there are certain warning signs you can watch out for if you suspect your child has flat feet.

Even though normal everyday activity might not trigger symptoms, flat-footed kids will still show subtler symptoms. For instance, after strenuous activity, children with pediatric flat foot will often complain of foot or ankle soreness, or hobble when they walk. If you notice a distinct difference in your child’s gait, or if they complain of localized pain, they could be a candidate for Toronto flat foot treatment.

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