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Non Invasive Ingrown Toenail Treatment in Downtown, Toronto

Ingrown toe nails or nails that curve inward can be quite painful. These nail conditions can be genetic, trauma inflicted or arise from nail trimming techniques.

These conditions can become complicated when the growing nail digs into the flesh of the skin. This can become inflamed, painful and infected.

Other Causes Include

  • Incorrectly cut nail plate (corners of the nails cut down too far)
  • Growth disorders (pincer nails)
  • Genetic disposition
  • Foot malformations
  • Toes that are too long
  • Valgus malposition on the big toe (leaning sideways/Hallux valgus)
  • Toes that cross over (Digitus superductus)
  • Shoes that are too tight
  • Shoes without much support
  • Overloading the feet
  • Severe sweat production
  • Higher BMI
  • Fungal Nail Infection

Symptoms of Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail has a number of different symptoms:

  • Pressure pain when walking
  • Painful lateral nail fold
  • Thickened lateral and distal nail folds
  • Reddened nail folds/toe
  • Restricted mobility
  • Toe grows hot
  • Possible pyogenesis (pus formation — caused by bacteria)

How Non Invasive Nail Correction Works

The principle of the corrective treatment is to restore the natural shape of the nail through applying a composite to the nail. As the nail grows the treatment guides the nail to grow corrected, opposed to curving.The nail is prepared by medically grooming the nail. Once prepped, the composite (treatment) is applied on the nail and shaped correctly. After the composite has hardened, the nail correction system fixes the nail in its shape without any tension.The nail correction system ensures that the shape is retained as the nail grows naturally. When treatment has been completed successfully, the system is easily removed.


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