Nail Care Toronto

Another one of the exceptional podiatry services that you can get from Chris Hastings in his downtown Toronto clinic is nail care. For a variety of reasons some of our clients are unable to look after this part of their hygiene and our clinic is only too happy to provide this service.

As well as discoloration and ingrown nails, there are other conditions that we treat . It’s important to understand how certain nail problems can affect your overall health and how we can manage any of the consequences before they become big issues.

A Downtown Toronto Nail Care Checklist

Following are just a few things that you should be looking for. If you see any of these symptoms you should contact us right away at our downtown Toronto podiatry clinic.

  • Concave toenails. The shape of your nails can speak to your overall health and concave toenails could point to a serious vitamin deficiency that can be treated. If you have what are commonly referred to as spoon nails, you may suffer from an iron deficiency.
  • Clubbed nails that bubble up are another sign that you might need to come and see us since they might point to a lung disease.

There are a variety of conditions with your toenails that we will be able to diagnose. For example, diagnosing toenail fungus early enough allows treating and resolving promptly. The first step is establishing a routine of visits to Chris Hasting’s Toronto downtown podiatry clinic where you’ll get the best in nail care.

Nail Care Experience

Chris has many years of experience and expertise in a variety of different disciplines including surgery, orthotics and general care. His background of community service also speaks to his dedication to each and every one of the clients he serves at his downtown Toronto clinic.Finding the right podiatrist is just as important as having the right doctor or dentist. Your health depends on looking after each and every part of that complex system called your body. Looking after your nails with our help can make sure that you maintain your well being for years to come.To book your downtown Toronto nail care visit it’s as easy as filling out the template on our website. You can phone, text or email us as well.

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To book an appointment with Chris or Laura, call us at 416.804.5199.

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