Let’s Talk About Orthotics

Our downtown Toronto Podiatry on Yonge and King practitioners want to educate people how orthotics help foot pain. Mixed views and theories exist on the role orthotics. We would like to clarify why this may be. First of all, an orthotic needs to be moulded the by the gold standard method. Additionally, it should be prescribed by a practitioner who greatly understands foot mechanics.

The gold standard for making orthotics is by plaster cast or by a 3D laser with the foot held in neutral. Other methods may not have as great of an outcome, as they may not correct the foot during the moulding procedure. Specific skills in prescription writing also plays a key role in the outcome of an orthotic. Chiropodist and Podiatrist have special training in this area.  In specific conditions a podiatrist or chiropodist may further correct to the foot while casting.

Podiatry on Yonge and King has experience and expertise in prescribing orthotics for foot pain and treatment in foot rehabilitation. We understand the mechanics of the foot and know certain orthotic modifictions cannot be done for certain foot conditions. Why? That can result in iatrogenic conditions. This means some conditions should avoid particular orthotic modifications as this can lead to foot and lower limb problems down the road.

A practitioner with an extensive understanding of foot mechanics will know when to include or exclude modifications in an orthotic. Our Chiropodist Laura Desjardins has a sound understanding of how to apply orthotics to active patients. She runs in orthotics and understands the interaction of footwear and the orthotic. Chiropodist Desjardins not only has clinical experience, but first hand personal experience of lower limb injuries and orthotic management. 

In academic literature of sports medicine, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, orthotics are known as a helpful tool in the treatment of foot injuries. Orthotics offer support to injuries and weakness of the foot, offload painful areas and control abnormal forces placed on the foot. They can help prevent and treat conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis and shin splints to name a few.

In addition to offering orthotics at our downtown Toronto Podiatry and Chiropody clinic,  our approach to care is to address the underlying foot problem. This is done by a thorough history,  biomechanical and gait assessment. Depending on the nature of your pain, we may advise you to see your family Doctor for an X-ray, MRI or Ultrasound. Unless in obvious or foot emergency circumstances, it is suggested to try conservative measures first to limit the amount of radiation exposure.

At Podiatry on Yonge at King we take pride in offering a quality orthotic to our patients. We try our best to prescribe an orthotic suitable for your style of footwear. However, we may advise changes to your footwear for best management outcomes. Chiropodist Laura Desjardins has great experience with orthotics for athletes and runners. She can also help ladies find the correct orthotic for their business attire. Our downtown Toronto Podiatrist Chris Hastings and Chiropodist Laura Desjardins are her to help guide you through you foot pain! 

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