Laser Wart Treatment Downtown Toronto

Laser Wart Treatment

Plantar Warts are abnormal growths of tissue in the skin. Warts are caused by human papillomavirus and there are many different types of strains. Warts have a cauliflower like presentation to them and intrurupt the skin lines. These warts have little balck dots in the center which represents the blood supply. These warts can be painful and cosmetically discomforting. 

How Do You Catch A Wart

Warts are contagious and a person is most likely a host host for the infection to thrive on. This means this virus is out there in public places, pools, showers, gyms etc. At the time of coming into contact with this virus, someone may have a break in the skin or their immune system may be slightly down. This makes them susceptible to catching the virus. 

Laser Wart Treatment

What do Do If You Get a Wart

The best practice is to treat the wart as soon as you notice the lesion. This may be hard to detect so it is best to seek medical attention to determine if it is in fact a wart.

The sooner a wart is treated, the better chance of eradicating the virus.

Treatment Options

Liquid Nitrogen 
Warts Treatment can vary from liquid nitrogen being applied to the lesion for a period of time every week to every other week. This treatment is best if it can come from a medical clinic or Doctor. This type of treatment can hurt during the time of treatment but has little downtime. This type of treatment can be lengthy, requiring multiple sessions.

Acids can be applied to the skin as long as there is no medical contraindication such as diabetes or peripheral vascular disease. Acids work to burn through the layers of skin to reach the layer where the virus is found. The acids used in Podiatry Clinics or Chiropody clinics are much stronger than those found over the counter. That being said, this treatment is still lengthy and requires multiple visits every week to two weeks to remove the dead skin and expose the virus for treatment.

Laser Treatment
Laser work to introduce heat to the virus to ablate the tissue. The laser destroys the blood vessels to the warts, killing the wart. Not only does the laser kill off the blood supply, but it also attacks the virus. This can be done as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with more aggressive forms of treatment, such as excision, to enhance efficacy.

Surgical Treatment
Warts can be excised and locally removed. This is done with  local freezing to numb up the area. Once the area is numb, the lesion is circumscribed and removed. The base of the wart can also be burned off with a laser, chemical or hyfrecator.

Laser Treatment Benefits
Laser treatment can be an investment, however of the less invasive treatment options, this is an effective form of treatment with not much downtown. This makes it an effective option for those who are runners, active or those who do not want their wart treatment impeding their day to day activities.  It is fast, effective and one can expect to have treatments once a month for 4 month.

It is Important to know that warts work with our immune system. Taking supplements, eating a healthy diet and limiting stress all help to fight the virus.

These are treatments but not cures and it is important to know that these treatments never promise to get rid of an issue completely, but attempt to better the current situation.

If conservative measures fail, then one can opt for more aggressive treatment forms.

At InStride, we offer all these wart treatments at our Downtown Toronto Podiatry and Chiropody clinics.

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