Laser Wart Treatment – Downtown Toronto

When are results anticipated?

Depending on the location and size of the wart results can take 1 – 4 treatments. The human immune system works on 4 month cycles.  Warts on the hands & feet, and large warts may take 4 or more treatments for optimal results. Laser wart treatments are performed every 4 weeks. This allows for adequate healing time. 

What are the side effects?

The most common side effects include: redness and swelling, which almost seems like a blister. Blisters can occasionally occur. These side effects typically are mild and resolve in 7-14 days. If you have ever had a blister you can understand how long the healing process can take. 

What is the cost of Laser Wart Treatment?

The fee for the first treatment is $250. Any additional treatments are 200 including the visit fee pluts the visit fee  per treatment. The most common treatments covered by OHIP include liquid nitrogen. That has to be done every week to every two weeks and should include the callous to be debrided. 

Do Warts Return? 

Once a wart(s) has been successfully treated it is rare that it will return in the same exact area.However, because warts are caused by viruses it is very possible that you may develop new warts in other locations in the future.These warts, at that time, can be treated with the laser.

What does the Laser Wart Treatment feel like?

Without any comfort measures laser wart treatment feels similar to a small snapping rubber band. There is no discomfort after the laser pulse. For maximum comfort we provide numbing (anesthetic) cream and icel. With these measures laser wart treatment is very comfortable. Worst case scenario the pain is short lived. The numbing gel takes the pain threshold down. 

How does Laser Wart Treatment work?

The energy from the laser does two important things in eliminating the wart. First the laser energy likely destroys the virus that causes the wart. Second the laser energy eliminates the blood supply that nourishes the wart. It is also believed that the inflammation caused by the laser treatment increases the body immune response to the area, which helps in eliminating the virus.


At Instride, we can combine the laser with needling procedure or surgical excision. 


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