Giving Back to the Community, One Step at a Time

This past year, I had the opportunity to get involved with various charitable events happening around the City of Toronto. It is always a great honour to join other members of our community help raise money for those in need. It’s also an honour to help showcase the City of Toronto as the world-class venue it is.

As a volunteer podiatrist for the OneWalk to Conquer Cancer, I, along with other Toronto podiatrists who work throughout the city, supported the over 3000 participants who walked for their family, friends and other loved ones. Over 6.5 million dollars was raised for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, which is something to be very proud of. I’d like to thank all the podiatrists who supported our dedicated walkers — we tended to sore feet, blisters, and readily gave foot care advice. It was our duty, along with the other volunteer medical professionals, to ensure every walker was safe and had fun. I look forward to next year’s walk, and imagine it will be just as successful!

For more information about the OneWalk to Conquer Cancer, or to get involved in 2017, visit their website here:

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