Footwear and Foot Pain Tips Toronto Chiropodist and Podiatrist

How Footwear has an Impact on Foot Health:

Foot pain can be directly related to your shoes. A lot of our foot troubles come from our repetitive day to day activities and our footwear. Those who walk around Downtown Toronto probably go to the path or grab meals outside their office. Most of my patients keep on the same shoes as their dress shoes. Going into winter that will change, however in Toronto we have access to the path, which allows people to keep their dress shoes and grab lunch, without having to step outside!

It is best to at least change footwear into more appropriate shoes for longer commutes.  Dress shoes do not have the greatest amount of forefoot cushioning and most of the designs are narrow and tapered in the toe box. A narrow toe box squishes the toes together which can lead to many foot problems including bunions and foot muscle weakness.

Foot muscle weakness is due to the lack of use ! If someone was to wear mittens to do everything each day, they would have weak hands. This is similar to the feet, that is why a larger toe box is always recommended. With a larger toe box , your feet can dynamically aid you in walking. When the toes are able to spread apart and grip withing a shoe, they are able to keep moving, strong and stay in shape. Bunions and hammertoes arise from the foot adapting to pressure on a constant basis. Buying footwear with a bit more toe box room or stretching the shoes from a shoe maker can help prevent foot problems and also improve comfort!

Running Shoes

Shoes with padding and cushioning can help reduce aches and pains in your feet after runs. People who are prone to forefoot pain should also adapt not only a strengthening regimen , but also choosing footwear of adequate support and forefoot cushioning. Orthotics can also be made to provide extra shock absorption and help with deflecting pressure on the forefoot. Shoes should be replaced every 800 km . After that point the foam compresses and looses its responsiveness, reducing its ability to help support and protect your foot.

Footwear had some a long way with the mesh and seams manufactured to help out those wider feet and bunions. If you happen to ever get blistering in your running shoes, come me, Laura Desjardins . I am well experiences with runners and know how to manage that area of concern for people.


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