Foot Pain Treatment and Orthotics- Downtown Podiatrist and Chiropodist

Foot Pain Treatment and Orthotics- Downtown Podiatrist and Chiropodist

The ideal foot is one that is cosmetically free from pathologies, free from pain and has normal biomechanics. Activities should not cause your foot pain. The foot should fit comfortably in most shoes. If you find yourself thinking you do not exhibit some of the characteristics, you may be someone susceptible to experience foot injuries or ongoing problems with your feet.

Certain activities and footwear over a lifetime can impact your foot health. Ballerinas, runners or those who need to wear high heels can undergo foot changes that impact their quality of life and overall health.

Most Common Symptoms of Foot Pain

Ball of the foot pain

This is typically known as metatarsalgia. Within that term there are many factors that can be causing your pain, which include callouses, corns, tight footwear, flexible footwear, arthritis, stress fractures, ligamentous injury, the arch collapsing and even stress fracture.

Arch pain and heel pain

This typically can be plantar fasciitis, however other factors must be rules out. Other differentials include a seronegative arthritis, nerve entrapment or stress fracture/ stress reaction.

Nerve pain and burning sensation

This can vary from a nerve entrapment, neuroma or neuropathy.

Due to the fact many conditions my seem like others, it is best to have a specialist to assess your conditions to give you the best understanding of your foot pain. I, Laura Desjardins’ goal is to get people out of pain and back to health. I provide an examination with a detailed medical history as well as a treatment plan. I have experience in extra training at Harvard Medical School in Sport Medicine, Canadian Sport Medicine conferences and my own running and foot injury experience.

I believe in a well rounded approach which may include supporting the foot with orthotics to help the injured tissue heal, along with exercises and treatment plan. I can also offer a return to sport or activity program.  Modalities and tools to help speed healing are also offered at my clinic, such as shockwave therapy, which I believe is very beneficial, however only when combined with the proper effective rehabilitative program. Sometimes, I may refer you off to a Sport Medicine Doctor, who I trust, to give you further tests or treatments.

I am a passionate runner and foot health has always been so important to being able to stay consistent and healthy. Your feet are your foundation and strong and mobile feet are important, seems how we use them each day!  I am confident I have a vast experience in footwear, orthotics and treatment when it comes to foot pain management.


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