Finding The Right Shoe

There’s some new evidence that finding the right shoe is more important than ever in our province and that the government is listening. By passing the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, the Ontario government has placed a ban on employers forcing workers to wear high heels on the job.

Even though the legislation is about gender discrimination, we’ve always felt finding the right shoe is important. That’s why we’ve put together some tips on finding the perfect pair that are healthy and comfortable.


Shoes for Children

Children should always start with the right shoe. Of course expensive loafers and running shoes aren’t needed in the infant stages. However, for warmth and protection it’s a good idea to keep socks or booties on their little feet.

As they grow, your child can walk around in bare feet inside. It helps them to get a feel for how their feet work and strengthens the muscles and arches needed. When it comes time to buy your toddler their first pair of shoes, there are some special considerations.

You want them to develop good stabilization and balance from an early age. A low cut sneaker is the best choice here.

Checking their feet on a regular basis helps to find the right size shoe as they grow.


Shoes for Men

The best way for men to get a good pair of well fitting shoes is to look for ones that conform to the shape of their feet. It’s important for guys to look for softer soles if they walk long distances for work or pleasure.


Shoes For Women

Women’s shoes that fit well have a different approach. The high heels that were mentioned earlier in this blog can cause corns as well as hammer toes over time. Shoes with higher heels in general can even cause back and knee pain.

Women should keep in mind that the higher the heel, the more chance for some kind of deformity. However, if a toe box comes with the shoe, the pressure on your foot will be lessened.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a higher or lower heel, women should always be checking for ample room in the toe box.


Athletic Shoes

It’s important to remember that the athletic shoes made today are tailored to each individual sport. That’s why if you’re looking to get a pair of properly fitting shoes, you should go to a location that caters to the sport you’re interested in.

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