Excellent Tips on Preventing Foot Problems

Chris Hastings is a Doctor of Podiatry and an active community volunteer. He brings both of those passions together at his Toronto podiatry clinic. His unique ability to listen to the individual needs of each patient set him apart.

He cares about your quality of life and how keeping your feet healthy is an important aspect of that. That said, he’s put together some excellent tips on preventing foot problems.

Stay Trim

Simply put, the more weight you carry the harder your feet need to work. If you keep your weight down, you’ll be able to keep them in excellent shape for as long as possible. Doctors are very clear that an extra 20 pounds can trigger unnecessary foot pain.

Become More Flexible

Exercise is another one of the cornerstones of having healthy feet. There are several stretching exercises that can help your cause and each of these go a long way toward preventing foot pain.

Choose Better Shoes

One of the other things that you can do to keep your feet healthy for as long as possible is get rid of those high heels. They may look great for a night out on the town, but they don’t do your feet any good. All the experts preventing foot problems point to high heels causing a variety of different problems like bunions and ingrown toenails.

Get Your Feet Measured

One of the other things you’ll need to do to keep your feet in good shape is get them measured. If you haven’t had that done in several years, it’s time. The wrong sized shoes can create a whole host of difficulties.

Chris Hastings is always available to help you find solutions to existing foot problems and avoid emerging ones. He makes a point of addressing each individual concern his patients bring to him. Establishing a great relationship while he puts his best foot forward is just part of the experience you’ll find at his Toronto podiatry clinic.

He has an attitude that any concern his patients have is also a concern for him. He has a variety of different services that include diabetic foot care supervision, the smoothing of corns and calluses, and even gait correction where necessary.

If you take just a minute or two to look at his website, you’ll see his credentials. They include the past president of the Ontario Podiatric Medical Association.

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