Diabetic Foot Care Supervision Toronto

Making sure your feet are well looked after takes on a new meaning when you suffer from diabetes. Chris Hastings, Doctor of Pediatric Medicine, is a podiatrist with many years of experience. He has worked with a variety of different clients who suffer from the offshoots of this disease in Muskoka and Toronto.

Downtown Toronto Diabetic Foot Care Supervision That Is Thorough And Compassionate

Chris Hastings understands the particular issues surrounding diabetic foot care. As a Toronto podiatrist, he takes the time to understand the specifics like diabetic neuropathy. People with diabetes don’t always feel certain foot injuries which can complicate over time without the right care. It’s important to have your feet checked at least once or twice a year. Staying on top of any emerging issues is the best way to treat someone who suffers with this aliment. A professional approach and compassionate nature are the cornerstones of his practice.

Downtown Toronto Podiatry Clinic

People with diabetes can have serious foot issues and part of being able to combat them effectively is knowing when you should come and see him in his downtown Toronto podiatry clinic. You need to come to the clinic if you find you’re suffering from:

  • Numbness and tingling in your feet. This is generally a direct result of your condition and we can treat the skin on your feet to lessen this sensation. We’re also experts at suggesting how to have your shoes professionally fitted.
  • If you find that one foot has different sensations than the other and appears to be changing shape you’ll need to come and see Chris Hastings at his downtown Toronto podiatry clinic. We understand how diabetes can affect your feet and can provide care that will lessen any of the symptoms that can be painful otherwise.

It’s important for everyone to understand that one of the offshoots of having diabetes is diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Because of the associated nerve damage people with this offshoot suffer from, they often don’t notice they’ve injured themselves. That’s why it’s most important to make sure you have constant contact with Chris Hastings as your Toronto podiatrist of choice.

Downtown Toronto Podiatrist Background

Chris Hastings has a background that should put your mind at ease when it comes to treating different foot conditions. He has done consulting work in hospitals as well as other provincially-run institutions. His opinions and medical know-how are sought after in downtown Toronto and other points across the province. His private practice encompasses different services including orthotics, surgery and general footcare as it relates to diabetes and other conditions.

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