Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom Foot Orthotics For Foot Pain Relief 

The foot is a very important part of your body, which you may only notice once there is pain. The problem with foot injuries is that it takes a lot of your weight and we cannot rest this injury like other parts of the body. As humans we are required to walk to get from place to place. A foot injury can be debilitating and frustrating but there is treatment. 

Do I Need Custom Orthotics?

People who benefit from custom foot orthotics are those dealing with an arthritic condition, foot injury or orthopedic imbalances. Specifically these conditions would benefit from orthotics:


Achilles Tendinopathy can benefit from heel lifts and pronation control.

Plantar Fasciitis- pronation control and arch support. 

Metatarsalgia metatarsal pads to help support the bones of the foot. 

Bunions – support the forefoot and control the amount of collapsing forces. 

Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy to help prevent excessive pronation. 

Morton’s Neuroma  to help spread the bones of the forefoot aparat to help prevent compression of the nerves. 

Flat feet . 


An injury of the foot can benefit orthotics to help reduce the amount of stress on the injury. The other nice thing that orthotics can help is to keep a certain level of activity while rehabilitating. Meaning when there is a certain level of activity the body is used to, then when someone completely rests, that also is not good either, as when one tries to resume activity, the baseline for the capacity drops. So orthotics allow one to keep a baseline of activity without pushing the injury over the edge to further injury. 

How Orthotics Work:

Orthotics provide correction to the body when there is an injury, thus allowing the injury to not undergo as much strain. Over time this unloading of the injury can allow healing to take place. When there is excessive, repetitive injury to an area faster than it can heal, a chronic injury can develop which is common in the lower limb and foot. 

Do Orthotics Weaken Feet?

According to a study , there was actually an increase in strength when a foot strengthening protocol was implemented and the use of an orthotic. There is also a lot of evidence that minimal footwear can increase injury risk.  Strengthening the foot is the more important factor to building foot strength, opposed to putting on shoes lacking support. 


What do Expect from Orthotics

My entire philosophy is to not solely depend on orthotics to help mend an injury. I am a firm believer in exercise modification, load management, strengthening , physiotherapy, rest and proper return to activity. They can come in all different shapes and sizes. They can come thin enough to fit into a flat, to thicker and more shock absorption for a work boot. They can be made hard or more flexible for high impact activity. 


They do take a break in period but the benefits can be noticed after 1 month of consistently wearing them. 

Laura Desjardins

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