The Cold Weather is Back — and So Are Our Cold Feet Socks!

Back by popular demand this winter are our cold feet socks, which are designed to help people who have severe reactions to the cold weather, or who suffer from severe reactions to the cold, diabetes, chilblains, and Raynauds. These socks, available at our downtown Toronto foot clinic, are the best solution to ensure your feet don’t keep you from enjoying the outdoors this winter.

Those with diabetes, circulation problems, or those who just tend to spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter are more likely to experience frostbite (a severe injury of the skin; signs and symptoms include tingling, numbness, changes in the colour and texture of the skin, and loss of feeling altogether, and can result in gangrene if not treated), and other cold-weather ailments, such as chilblains (painful swelling and itching of the skin, usually on the hands and feet when exposed to cold) and frostnip (a milder injury caused by exposing skin to cold weather, characterized by red, numb and tingly skin). Raynauds comes in the form of an “attack”, where mild or slight changes in the temperature can cause a reaction. During an attack, it’s very important to keep the feet warm as the arteries narrow and very little blood flows to the extremities. The feet and toes may turn pale, then blue, feel numb or cold or have the sensation of pins and needles. The attack can last minutes or hours, and can occur daily or weekly.


If you do suspect that you’ve come down with frostnip, chilblains, frostbite or Raynauds on your feet or hands, get inside as quickly as possible. Slowly rewarm your extremities by soaking them in warm water only (never hot!), for about 10 to 15 minutes. As you’re warming your feet and hands, you will likely feel a tingling, burning sensation — this just means the blood flow is returning. If you’re experiencing increased pain, call your podiatrist for advice.

To help prevent these ailments, contact Toronto podiatrist Chris Hastings to learn more about the cold feet socks offered at his downtown foot clinic. This winter is slated to be a cold one, so stay warm!

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