Big Toronto Foot Problems and Treatments

We understand your feet take a lot of daily punishment and suffer through Toronto foot problems. Whether you’re climbing, walking or running, you might suffer from a variety of issues.
That’s why we put together a list of Toronto foot problems and treatments.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetes can cause nerve damage and high blood sugar levels can make things worse. Diabetic neuropathy occurs when blood sugar levels have not been maintained properly. Symptoms include pain and tingling in your feet. Diabetics suffer from a lack of sensation. This makes diabetic neuropathy more serious since cuts and other injuries go unnoticed.

If you have diabetes, you should get regular foot examinations. Toronto foot problems relating to blood sugar levels can be avoided. One of the first steps is to maintain control over your blood sugar.

You should also have your toenails trimmed professionally. Don’t hesitate to get medical attention as soon as you notice a cut or injury on your feet.


Bunions are very common. They usually develop as a bump on the big toe and can cause the big toe to migrate outwards. Women are more likely to have these particular Toronto foot problems because they wear narrow shoes.

People with a family history are also at risk. There are other conditions like arthritis that can increase your chances of getting a bunion. There are several symptoms including tenderness and a visible bump on the big toe.

A bunion can also appear like a callous. If you’ve got trouble moving your big toe, you might have this issue. One of the most common symptoms is pain when you are walking.

We have experience in looking after Toronto foot problems just like this. As your Toronto podiatrist and chiropodist, we can prescribe shoes with inserts that are custom-made. When the situation doesn’t correct itself, surgery is another option.

Plantar fasciitis

When the strong connective tissue, called fascia, on the bottom of the foot becomes enlarged, Plantar fasciitis is the result. This is one of the more common causes of heel pain for most adults. Symptoms include discomfort on the bottom of the foot. It gets worse the more you move around. Many patients tell us it is severe early in the morning.

Get in touch with us if you are suffering from any of these issues. We have experience with a variety of Toronto foot problems. We offer a full biomechanical and gait analysis to find the root cause of your plantar fasciitis. Our Podiatrist, Chris Hastings, is one of the most experienced in the city and has a lot of knowledge with this condition. Our Chiropodist, Laura Desjardins, is highly focused on sports medicine and foot pain and offers individualized treatment plans,soft tissue treatment, custom orthotics and shockwave therapy for those suffering with this condition.

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