The ABC’s of Smelly Feet

If you’ve got smelly feet you don’t need to go too far to get to the source—100% of the time that bad smell is caused by your sweat breaking down fatty acids and the resulting bacteria. That might sound innocent enough until you take off your shoes after a workout in a room full of friends and family.

Here’s the paradox about stinky feet that confuses a lot of people. The bacteria that causes your feet to smell is exactly the same all over your body. When people find out about that they wonder why a sweaty forearm doesn’t clear a room the way your feet might.

Stinker Makers

The answer lies in sweat glands. In fact, you have a quarter million of these little stinker makers on each foot. That translates into more perspiration that turns into the kind of odours we all try to avoid. What makes matters worse is the fact that your feet are generally enclosed in socks and shoes all day long.
Of course, there are a few exceptions to this natural smelly foot rule. One of the ones everyone is heard about his athlete’s foot. This infection is fungal and can be picked up from swimming pools and other moist warm places like locker rooms.

Athlete’s foot creates its own smell and is best diagnosed by a podiatrist.

Right Kind of Sock

Choosing the right kind of sock goes a long way to reducing the way your feet smell. Some of the more common choices that we think are best for your tootsies aren’t necessarily so. For example, cotton allows the air to circulate and is considered breathable, but it can stay moist and cause odor. The better choice are some synthetic blends or even wool because each draws moisture away from your foot and that way your sock doesn’t stay wet.

The Wrong Shoe

As you might have already imagined, choosing the wrong shoe can make your feet smell too. The bacteria that causes your feet to stink thrives in those kinds of closed environments that are moist and dark. Sometimes the correct choice is all about sacrificing style for ventilation.
In other words, you might really like your leather boots and think they are the height of fashion. However, sneakers are the more reasonable choice if you’re concerned about the way your feet smell. Finally, if you’re an athlete or just someone who likes to stay in shape, make sure you air out your sneakers in the sun.

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