A Few Words on Toronto Orthotics

We always like to suggest that Toronto orthotics that are professionally fitted are the best for foot pain. If you find you are suffering from foot pain constantly, this is usually the right way to go. There are generally two different ways to go for foot pain.


As we’ve already touched on, these are prescribed medical devices that are worn inside your shoes. They are specifically designed to correct different types of foot issues and help you with the way you run, stand and walk.

These are also helpful with different kinds of foot pain that can be caused by conditions like arthritis, bursitis and even diabetes. You might even be able to avoid the type of surgery that fixes flat feet with the right orthotics.


If you’re looking for simple cushioning and support, you might be able to get away with the kind of inserts that you can buy in a store. Remember that although these are made with plastic or foam and innovative types of gel, they are not custom-made for your individual foot.

Even though they might be able to help you by making your shoes more comfortable, they aren’t designed to correct any kind of these issues you might have with your feet. They also do not provide the quality or durability of custom devices. Our clinic uses a high quality orthotic lab that also provides a guarantee on your orthotics for 6 months!

Toronto Orthotics and What We’ll Look For

As your Toronto podiatrist and chiropodist of choice, we will do a thorough examination to find any foot issues requiring these Toronto orthotics. One of the things that we can do in our office is take a look at the way you walk. That’s the best way to get an accurate appraisal of how your legs, ankles, and feet and hips all move together.
If we find that you need these types of specialized devices, we will be able to take a mold of your feet to get the process started. This mold is then turned into either a rigid or flexible orthotic, depending on your activities or foot type..

The flexible orthotics are generally made from semi flexible carbons or semi compressible materials. Generally, these take the pressure off specific sore spots on your feet and help with other issues like diabetic foot ulcers. The soft orthotics can be somewhat bulky so it’s often the case you’ll need prescription footwear to go with them. Te more flexible soft orthotics do not take up as much bulk.

Like the name suggests, rigid Toronto orthotics are made from more sturdy stuff. These are specifically designed to help you with pain in your lower back and legs and to compensate when your foot doesn’t act properly. As Chris Hastings will say, orthotics typically need to be rigid to have any real biomechanical effect on your foot!

Toronto orthotics are all designed to help you with a variety of issues.

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