5 Ways You Can Benefit from Custom Foot Orthotics in Toronto

People ask us what’s behind our custom foot orthotics in Toronto. We always tell them that if a symptom is concerning to you, it’s a problem we have a solution for. That includes these orthotics because our priority is to make your life more comfortable.

The Benefits of These Custom Products

That said, here are five ways that you could benefit from foot orthotics.

  • You can improve your balance and posture with them. Many of these products are made from materials that absorb the impacts created by the steps you take. Orthotics allow you to maintain good balance and improve your posture.
  • Custom orthotic products in Toronto offer health benefits. For example, they redistribute the pressure that’s placed on your feet alleviating issues like arthritis.
  • These products can also help by supplying proper alignment and compensating for issues like overpronation.
  • Custom orthotics can also help to reduce back pain. They compensate for arches that are too flat or too high as well as other structural abnormalities.
  • These products also improve the muscle support that you get in your lower limbs, ankles and course feet.

There are several different types to choose from and they include:

The Dress Orthotic

Like the name suggests, these are the ones that are made specifically for dress shoes. They often have a lower volume because dress shoes usually have less room. They are made quite often shorter, narrower and thinner so they can fit into this type of footwear without creating too much bulk.

The Sport Orthotic

This is a good choice for active people who do a lot of running and jumping. It’s also a good option for people who wear safety shoes at work. These have a higher volume and they are often made to a full length so they can offer a better degree of pronation control. There are some other advantages like the fact the heel cup is designed a little deeper.

Excellent Foot Orthotics That Align Your Foot and Ankle 

We offer excellent custom foot orthotics in Toronto. Let us help you find the right ones that will help align your foot and ankle to the correct position. We can diagnose any abnormal foot mechanics and then design and implement the right product. Get in touch with us today so we can start the process for you.

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